Tropicana Launches Collectible Glasses with 7 “Morning Moods” as Part of New Campaign

Tropicana Launches Collective Glasses with 7 "Morning Moods" as Part of New Campaign

Orange juice giant Tropicana has recently launched a campaign that aims to highlight the benefits of 100% pure orange juice, by encouraging the morning consumption of a ‘Little Glass’ as part of a balanced diet.

A range of seven collectible glasses -one for each day of the week- with different ‘Morning Moods’ will be available for a limited time.

Head of Marketing at PepsiCo, Rebecca Burke said, “We believe the latest ‘Little Glass’ promotional offer from Tropicana is a fun way to reinforce our messaging from last year, that one glass serves as a convenient and easy way for people to get important vitamins, minerals and one of your five a day. There is a ‘Little Glass’ design for every morning mood, whether you’ve bounced out of bed or pressed the snooze button, the seven designs including ‘Friyaay’ and ‘Sleepy head’, can perfectly capture this.”

The seven “little glasses” personalities include: ‘Let’s do this’, ‘Sleepy head’, ‘Friyaay’, ‘Do not disturb’, ‘5 more minutes’, ‘I woke up like this’ and ‘Daydream’.

They point out that including a glass of pure orange juice in the mornings can contribute in helping to reduce tiredness, maintaining normal blood pressure and supporting the normal function of the immune system. A serve also has 60% of the recommended daily Vitamin C intake, plus potassium and Vitamin B9.

The ‘Little Glass’ on-pack offer is available now nationwide and will run until August 2017. To claim a free glass, consumers will simply need to purchase three Tropicana promotional packs, and enter their details at

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