Uber to Trial Wine Tour Service in Australia

Uber to Trial Wine Tour Service in Australia

The lift sharing company Uber plans to make wine tourism more approachable and affordable to tourists in Australia with a new wine tour service. The company has begun a trial for an “on-demand wine tour” service to the Adelaide Hills, expecting other regions to follow.

“We are trialing an on demand wine tour service to make it more accessible and affordable to visit South Australia’s great wine regions”, Mal Chia, Uber’s Marketing Manager, told Barossa Herald, and then added that the company is aware or the “huge demand for ride sharing in regional communities across South Australia” specially those regional centres which are under-served by traditional transport alternatives.

“We have also seen across many markets that having access to safe, reliable and affordable transport lowers incidences of drink driving – an issue that is particularly felt in regional communities across the country”, said Chia.

A similar service is currently functioning in California, where a driver can be booked for the day to visit Napa, Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo.

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