Vegan Caramel Slice Recipe by Emilie Lynam from The Cake Café

Whether you’re following a plant-based diet or not, this vegan caramel slice recipe is utterly irresistible!


– 300g ground almonds
– 300g dried figs
– 300g hazelnuts
– 1 tsp Vanilla
– pinch of sea salt
– 4 tbsp coconut oil

– 300g dates
– 1 tbsp coconut oil
– pinch of sea salt
– 2 tbsp maple syrup
– 2 tbsp Almond Milk

– 300g dark chocolate
– splash of almond milk

Makes a 10” square tin


1. Line the tin with parchment paper or cling film
2. For the base add all ingredients to a food processor and blitz until combined.
3. When combined add ingredients to your lined tin and press down evenly. Put tin into the fridge to cool.
4. Chop the dates finely and put all ingredients in a pot and allow to stew over a low heat for 10 / 15 mins until the dates break down. When all ingredients have combined into a caramel pour over the base and spread evenly. When the mixture has cooled put into fridge for 45 minutes or until caramel has set.
5. Melt the chocolate and almond milk in a bowl over a pot with boiling water. When chocolate has fully melted pour over the set caramel and spread evenly.
6. Again put the tin back into the fridge and allow to set.
7. Cut into desired slices and serve!

Photo Credit: Clare Wilkinson @claresfoodstories


Emilie's Photo - Recipes - As head baker of Dublin’s award winning Cake Café, Emilie is in charge of the Dublin eatery’s popular breads, custom made cakes and continuously changing sweet recipes. Her use of colour, texture and use of edible flowers draws on her background in Photography, having graduated with a BA from DIT.

Before becoming the café’s baker she filled the role as chef for two years and previously gained experience at top Dublin restaurants, including The Pig’s Ear and Pichet. She shares the café’s eathos of using seasonal produce, local suppliers and natural ingredients.

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