Vintners’ Federation of Ireland Welcomes Scottish Ruling on Minimum Unit Pricing

Vintners' Federation of Ireland Welcomes Scottish Ruling on Minimum Unit Pricing

The decision by Scotland’s Court of Session to grant approval to the Scottish Government to introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol was welcomed by the Vintners’ Federation of Ireland (VFI). The organisation hopes that this decision motivates the Irish Government to introduce the same measure here along with others outlined in the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill.

This is not the first time the VFI, as a key industry stakeholder, campaigns for the introduction of minimum unit pricing for a considerable period of time. They’ve also called for other actions aimed to ensure the safe and responsible sale of alcohol for several years.

The VFI strongly encourages moves towards the segregation of alcoholic beverages in mixed trading outlets and they also call for the “speedy implementation” of the provisions set out in the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill last year, which set out how the process to established the minimum unit price might be done.

The VFI believes in the importance of a long term strategic approach that tackles alcohol misuse, and considers that the proposals contained in the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill are long overdue and urgent action is necessary.


“With approximately 4,500 members the VFI is a strong National Trade Organisation. We are there to work on our members’ behalf to promote and protect their interests.

We are there to advise our members when they experience difficulties of any sort within their business.”

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