Jazz Flute Fries Anyone? Will Ferrell Themed Restaurant Opens This Month

Had a bad day? Throw Anchorman on and you’re literally laughing – there is no ill that Ron Burgundy can’t cure. Have you ever immediately bonded with someone over a shared love of Elf or Step Brothers and asked ‘did we just become best friends?!’ If so, grab them and immediately book flights to Boston, as Stay Classy, a Will Ferrell themed restaurant, is due to open this month and is bound to be kind of a big deal.

Having previously popped up in New York City for a twelve month stint last year and a shorter run in LA’s famous Chinese Theatre, Stay Classy will be taking up residence in Umbria, Boston from April 14th to 23rd. The masterminds behind this Will Ferrell themed bar, Zach Neil and Brian Link, already own a Tim Burton inspired venue called Beetle House in New York City.

Boston’s Stay Classy will be the first of the series of pop ups to serve food inspired by Ferrell’s many hilarious characters, from Ricky Bobby to Frank the Tank. Visitors can expect to feast on delicious dishes such as Burgundy Beef Burger, a juicy mouthful topped with a dollop of garlic mashed potato, Swiss cheese and a Burgundy wine reduction or a Boats & Ho’s Burger layered with grilled pineapple, bacon and smoked mango jalapeno chutney.

All dishes should be accompanied by the obligatory Jazz Flute Fries, with cheese sauce, chopped bacon, spring onions and sour cream and perhaps a Ferrell themed cocktail – choose from tipples such as A Glass Case of Emotion, Mugatu Mule and You’re My Boy Blue. Alternatively, indulge in a simple Scotchy scotch scotch to pay homage to the legendary Anchorman himself.

Stay Classy will accommodate up to 150 Ferrell Fans and they can expect to be entertained by a Ron Burgundy impersonator and tunes from the Will’s best film soundtracks. Previous Stay Classy pop ups held Elf-themed dance parties and raised funds for the Cancer for College charity, so hopefully this mix of good will and hilarity will find a permanent home in Boston, and escalate quickly to spread across the Atlantic.

For more information on Stay Classy, click here. Would you like to see a Will Ferrell themed bar come to Dublin? Tweet @thetaste_ie with #StayClassyDublin and let us know!

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