Wines of Chile Named Viña Santa Rita 2016 Winery of the Year

Wines of Chile Named Viña Santa Rita 2016 Winery of the Year

Chilean trade organisation Wines of Chile selected Viña Santa Rita 2016 Winery of the Year. Mario Pablo Silva, chairman of Wines of Chile, pointed out the winery’s commitment and passion during the ceremony, and praised Santa Rita for its role as a brand ambassador for Chilean wine domestically and internationally.

“Santa Rita seeks to strengthen the country image; we want Chile to be recognized in different markets through its production of high quality wines with their own identity that consumers will recognize and seek out. Our goal every day is to see that more people—not only in Chile, but around the world—have a glass of Chilean wine on their dining room tables,” said Viña Santa Rita CEO Andrés Lavados.

“We want to grow our brand and be a benchmark for Chilean wines around the world, but we want that growth to be based on efficiency, sustainability and innovation that is built upon experience and tradition. Our commitment to this agenda is beginning to reap rewards, we were delighted to receive the 2016 ‘Most Innovative Wine Business Award’ from the Universidad de Los Andes,” Lavados concluded.

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Eduardo Alemparte, Santa Rita’s WiSe Man on the Estate’s New Winemaking Philosophy

“Eduardo Alemparte hands me his card. He’s the Winegrowing Director of Santa Rita Estates, makers of Santa Rita 120, the top selling wine in Ireland. The popular Chilean bottle is just one of his many responsibilities; he looks after Viña Carmen, Sur Andino and Doña Paula, the latter one being the group’s venture in Mendoza, Argentina…” Read Full Interview Here


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